Candles and Fire Safety

There are great songs out there about fire, such as Burning Down The House, The Roof is on Fire, and Fire on the Mountain, it is certainly nothing to sing about when it’s your home that goes up in flames. To keep it from happening to you, please follow the link: Candle Fire Safety Guide

Repurpose & Reuse Our Candle Jars

Be kind to the earth and reuse/repurpose the lovely candle jars after the candle has been used up. Be sure to remove any excess wax from the jar and then wash with a good degreasing detergent and hot water. If it is to be used to hold food items, please run it through the dishwasher prior to use. Some ideas include the following:
1. Art Supplies
2. Bath Supplies
3. Beachy Terrarium
4. Candle Holders
5. Candy Jars
6. Christmas Gift Containers
7. Coffee Station Storage
8. Coins Holders
9. Craft Supplies
10. DIY Jar ‘Snow Globe’
11. Fish Bowl
12. Flower Pots
13. Food Storage
14. Glass Jar Photo Frames
15. Hair Care Items
16. Hardware Holders
17. Jar Terrariums
18. Jewelry Storage
19. Kids Summer Job Jar
20. Kitchen Canisters
21. Laundry Supplies
22. Makeup Storage
23. Marbles Storage
24. Office Supplies
25. Pet Supplies
26. Spice Jars
27. Thankfulness Jar
28. Utensil Containers On Buffet
29. Vases
30. So, what ideas do you have? Email us at info@citrusblossomcandles and share them with us!