Nutty Hazel 27 oz


You’ll go nuts for this mouth-watering hazelnut and chocolate scent.  It is such a realistic fragrance that you may have squirrels tap on your windows asking, “Pardon me, is that hazelnuts that I smell?”  Don’t let the squirrels in; you don’t want squirrels in your living room!

To ensure a quality product, each candle contains natural soy wax and the finest fragrances (dibutyl phthalate free), along with a cotton core wick.  The candles are hand-poured into bell-shaped glass containers and decorated with a satin ribbon and charm.  The votive candle is decorated with our company logo label.

Burn time is: 27 oz = 100+ hours

Note:  True soy wax candles will often have a frosted appearance which is not a flaw nor does it change the scent or burning properties of the candle.